Friday, October 17, 2008

Dion is Out and the Sox are Still In

ALCS: Rays and Red Sox

Ok, so it was bottom of the 9th, one out and the Rays were up 7 to 4. I figure it was over at this point so I decide to hit up my bed. First thing I see when I log on this morning is that the Red Sox defeated the Rays in dramatic fashion. Being the big sports guy that I am I always try to actually see a team win a series live but after watching the Phillies do it the other night I thought twice about watching the Rays jumping all up on each other. It would have been nice to but I figured nah not much happening there. Next time I should follow my heart and sit and finish the moments I love to see because you never know what will happen before the fat lady sings.

Bye-Bye Dion Hello Tredeau

Did anyone really think this guy would win? I did not have a single ounce of belief that this guy would do better than he did the last time. Stephen Harper was all over this guy even before he got the party nod. I remember seeing the commercials that made Dion look pretty bad even before there was a thought of an election. The Harper campaign obviously did not get what the wanted but they ran a pretty good “make Dion look incompetent” campaign. Way to go Harper!

So what’s next? Bring on Trudaeu please. Prep him, train him and groom him for the job. Canada is looking for change, sound Familiar? We are the biggest follow fashioners out there, lets get started with this one. Are you telling me a Trudaeu would not take on a defeat the Conservatives? You must be crazy!

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