Friday, March 23, 2007

Toronto: SimCity 4 Style

Ok, Here it is. I have been planning to do this for a while and finally I have some time to build Toronto in SimCity 4. For those who do not know what
SimCity 4 is, it is a computer simulation game created by MAXIS/Electronic Arts that allows users to build a city from scratch. It is up to us to decided were the roads, industrial, residential and commercial zoning will land. The great thing abot it is that there are citizens that move in and depending how you structure your city your population will grow. The greater the population the more money will come in. So that means taxes are also up to you. If cutting commercial taxes and raising residential taxes is your thing this is where you can do it.

So being the Toronto fanatic that I am, I decided to build a city that mirrors Toronto. Slowly and surely after time you'll start to see familar buildings like the CN Tower and the skyscrappers. But for now it's still in the Town of York phase with a population of about 12 ooo. Some key lanmarks do far include Union Station, Osgoode Hall and Old, Old City Hall (on front Street). I will post updates on how the city is progressing as much as I can.


Ian said...

Hi there,

With your permission, I'd like to follow the progress of your Toronto Sim City on blogTO. You'll be given due credit, of course!

Email me @ ian(at)blogto(dot)com and let me know if that's ok!

sookie said...

love sim city, been playing it since the first version came out. can't wait to see the progress.