Friday, April 13, 2007

Sim Toronto: In the Begining...

Ok, so first thing on the agenda was to lay down some streets. Yes, Yonge Street would be the most obvious place to start but so is Front. Once I got those 2 streets down estimating the distance between the east-west streets was not so bad. So then there was King Street and then Queen. I did not want to go overboard with creating all the streets at once so I kept my new city to about 4 city blocks east of Yonge. If you notice in the picture above I have placed the City Hall exactly were it should be in relation to the streets that I have laid. That particular peice of land will become the "Ward" in do time.

So here are a few things to remember:

Green Zones= Residential Lots
Blue Zones= Commercial Lots
Yellow Zones= Industrial Lots

A list of civic Buildings are given to us to choose from but there are costs involved. Civic buildings include schools, hospitals, fire departments, police stations, etc. I will explain further later how these esential services are kept sustainable with the growing population. So far I have included a doctors office, a elementary school, a police station, fire hall and a small wind power generator for power. We also need a good water supply for our city. This means a water plant needs to be included and water pipes need to be built underground throughout the city. I will save the water
explanation for later.

So, it looks like we are ready to turn on the city. Instantly we see growth in all sectors. We see meduim and smaller reseidential homes and small commercial lots. Unemployment kicked in pretty fast leaving me no options except create more jobs for those out of work. Should I create more commercial or industrial zones?

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