Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Toronto's Vimy Circle

Looking south across Vimy Circle
Drawing by: Earle C Sheppard, 1928

Inspired by a post on the Spacingwire about road roundabouts, and Toronto's lack of having some, I decided to finish and finally post something up about Vimy Circle.

Just before 1930 traffic in the city started to become unbearable. New measures needed to be taken to ease the traffic flow from all directions. The extension of University Avenue had been in the talks for some years and time finally came to put the thought down on paper.

In 1927 the Provincial government had passed the University Avenue Extension Act, basically giving themselves complete rights to the land directly south of Queen and University. The plan was to build the extension and a memorial to those who lost their lives at Vimy Ridge. Along came new designs for great massive buildings to line the street. It is very unfortunate that as the depression hit the city the plans for a roundabout circle soon faded.

Looking south on University across where Vimy Circle would have been.
Photo by: r.d.i. on Flickr

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