Monday, April 2, 2007

York U according to Uncyclopedia

I came across Uncyclopedia today and it blew my mind. It's just like Wikipedia but with a twist. Here is what they have to say about York University.

York University is a fashion district located in the northern suburbs of Toronto. During certain hours, the place turns into this wonderful, interdisciplinary, multicultural, excellent post-secondary institution, attended by excellent, diverse, and intelligent students with progressive and forward thinking, such as that trashy girl with the fake Louis Vuitton purse talking on her cellphone.


York University was first established sometime in the 1960's as a hub for socialists and communist potheads fleeing their persecution and lack of popularity in the United States. It soon came to be the hub of liberalism, the far leftwing paradise of the world. With drug sales propelling students income, hideous and "modern" looking buildings erected, and "hot" chicks with fake tans populating the campus, a guy who was smoking his reefer suddenly suggested: "Dude, we should totally turn this place into a university!". And thus it came into existence, York University was established as a multi-something interdisciplinary institution with the only mall in the southernmost region of Ontario or something wonderful like that.

Now, York University is considered an top-notch "ivy" league, and the third top university in
Toronto. It has become a popular insitution, with leftwing, sexually unsure individuals and student body advocating liberalism and freedom by stripping you from your common sense and coercing your conformity to the left-wing mandate of the university. Should you disobey, you will get an F on your essay you right-wing racist homophobe.

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