Friday, March 30, 2007

Dinner at Fran's

Ok, So yesterday I went to Fran's for the first time and I must say I was somewhat impressed. I say somewhat because I had to top up my Classic Canadian Burger, fries and a diet Coke with a spicy sausage after. My meal was filling but just needed a little more of anything. The service was good and fast, the booth was a little small but my overall experience was good. We hopped over to Queen and Spadina after for our cheap sausages. Apparently the price at that location has gone up. A sausage now cost 2.50 from 2.00.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ghost Town: Sheppard Ave West

Along Sheppard Ave West heading east towards Bathurst You will find a series of houses ready for demolision. What will be going up? Well, my guess is more and more condos as they have been sprouting up like flowers in this area as of late. The one house above has been boarded up since the early 80s and its great that someone finally decided to give it a face. The traffic heading east is bad enough already during the late evenings. A right turning lane is much needed for those turning right onto Bathurst from Sheppard. If there is no right turn lane by the time these new condos are built expect traffic to be a killer.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Toronto: SimCity 4 Style

Ok, Here it is. I have been planning to do this for a while and finally I have some time to build Toronto in SimCity 4. For those who do not know what
SimCity 4 is, it is a computer simulation game created by MAXIS/Electronic Arts that allows users to build a city from scratch. It is up to us to decided were the roads, industrial, residential and commercial zoning will land. The great thing abot it is that there are citizens that move in and depending how you structure your city your population will grow. The greater the population the more money will come in. So that means taxes are also up to you. If cutting commercial taxes and raising residential taxes is your thing this is where you can do it.

So being the Toronto fanatic that I am, I decided to build a city that mirrors Toronto. Slowly and surely after time you'll start to see familar buildings like the CN Tower and the skyscrappers. But for now it's still in the Town of York phase with a population of about 12 ooo. Some key lanmarks do far include Union Station, Osgoode Hall and Old, Old City Hall (on front Street). I will post updates on how the city is progressing as much as I can.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bombs over Yonge Street

A friend of mine who was on his way down to the St Patrick Day Prade had his trip taken off route due to a bomb scare somewhere along Yonge Street north of College.

New Beginings

Ok, well here it is. The first entry in this my first and last blog. I do hope to make entries in it as much as possible. Give some serious thought into what I write and for once actually make sense. Now lets see, what are some of the things that are tickle my brain these days. For one, the city of Toronto. There is always never enough stuff to talk about regarding the city. I guess if thats the kind of stuff your into. Sports is another area maybe. Go Raptors Go! Where the heck are the leafs? And that's about it. We'll take it from here and see how it goes.