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Rom done, Ago Next

North facade Art Gallery of Ontario
Gehry International, Architects, Inc.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sim Toronto: Expansion and Redevelopment in Downtown Core

Sim Toronto has expanded more than ever before with the addition of the residential neighborhoods from Bloor north to Dupont and from Spadina westward to Bathurst. Some new landmarks include Toronto Central Tech High School, Casa Loma, Varsity Stadium and the ROM. It is really too bad that I do not have the exact look a likes for these buildings. I have used the default landmarks that are given in the game. For example, I used a high school, small stadium, a landmark that kind of resembles a castle and a museum. I still have not included U of T. Remember I am a York Guy! I might just hold back including a university until I get up to Steeles, or maybe not.

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One big change I made was to the Downtown Core. A block of land from Front and York up to Queen, over west to Spadina and back down to Front was initially designated as a residential zone. To be honest the land did not develop into the type of residential buildings I had hoped for. Instead it developed into a mix of low-medium houses and row houses.

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As the newly added neighborhoods started to develop up in the northwest part of the city the unemployment rate began to rise. I figured this part of the downtown core would be perfect for more commercial zones. Want an update to how this addition of residential and change to commercial zoning pans out? Let me know…

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Yay! Sim Toronto’s second bank, a CIBC branch on King just west of University.
What’s next?

Hanlan’S Point Amusement Park and Staduim or Island Airport? The Sims are demanding a small commuter Airport.
Expand east, west or north?

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